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Milestone 0.1

  • builds geometry decompiling support
  • basic cop support for soc sdk in converter

Milestone 0.2

  • ogf's converting to object's for all builds
  • basic cop support for cs sdk in converter
  • upgrade cop option for soc, cs xrai
  • universal acdc for soc/cs/cop

Milestone 0.3

  • plugins?
  • etc

Milestone 1.0 "Sphinx"

  • merge ogfviewer and other tools with bardak vs project files, fixing
  • add full support to converter: CS, COP, 1469, 1472, 1475, 1511, 1580, 1865, etc
  • fix omf export/import maya plugins for soc, cs, cop
  • finish and bugfixing max export/import plugins by neo
  • refactoring, optimizations
  • merge xrfsl by neo][ with bardak tools
  • fix milkshape export plugin
  • finish bardak todo list
  • fix milkshape export plugin (done)
  • add full support to converter all soc builds (done)
  • cop maps decompiling to soc sdk (done)
  • refactoring (done)
  • soc to cs/cop sdk scene conversion (done)

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