Project Description
X-Ray unofficial toolset for complex use with official S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MOD SDK. The code to load/save X-Ray files closely follows the GSC one. Regarding the rest source code, you can do whatever you want, just do not say you wrote it.

Usefull links
Sources - you should use TortoiseSVN

Originally most part of code written by bardak (setback).

The unofficial toolset uses third-party code:
- OPCODE 1.3 (
- Most matrix/quaternion methods are taken from
- Game Programming Gems (,
- WildMagic library (,
- LightWave 8.0 SDK and ik2Bsolver sample from Maya 8.5 SDK.
- NVIDIA Texture Tools 2.0.3 ();
- lzhuf.c (Haruyasu Yoshizaki)
- minilzo library (
- CRC32 (Gary S. Brown)
- (more?)

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